960.gs grid system generator

The grid system generator will create custom fixed 960.gs grid systems in valid css / xhtml for rapid prototyping, development and production environments.

In addition to the custom 960.gs css framework, it creates a background file (sample) that you can use in Fireworks, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Visio (etc.) to aid in prototyping and design.

Getting started

  1. Fill in your desired 960.gs grid dimensions and get started!

Hints for successful grid system generation:

  • Grid width (Numeric value: 100 - 4000)
  • No. of columns (Numeric value: 1 - 100)

960.gs quick statistics

Total grid systems generated: 3787618

Unique grid systems generated: 39047

960.gs generator version

Version 1.04 - change history

Generated grid systems are based on the 960.gs by Nathan Smith.

960.gs tutorials

960.gs generator


Fill in your grid dimensions to get started!